Wednesday, July 25, 2007


i have unofficially moved

and as usual too lazy to bother about all the links backgrounds etc

sorry if i haven't got time to reply those who very kindly emailed me =) will reply you guys once i have decided my life is not crap wtf.

see you there =)Publish Post


Sunday, July 22, 2007

it is getting tiresome to blog about a filtered version of my life.

am i willing to give up the amount of readers and lead an anonymous life? wtf.

no, seriously.

email me at pangtzeching[at]gmail[dot]com if you want in (but i suspect it's gonna be quite temporary...? i hope), and i'll see.

oh this post is to notify friends too ok dont expect me to remember all of you and email each and every one accordingly, u think u damn big is it? wtf.

(eh serious wan ah im not kidding)


Saturday, July 21, 2007

fuck off england wtf




Tuesday, July 17, 2007

love is just a game, broken all the same.. and i will get over you.

ooohh this song is really cute, i discovered it about a year ago watching hitz dot tv! and have introduced it to my friends and they really liked it! hor eilyn wtf.

anyway i was up at nottingham to dump my luggage and get my bank account done and it turns out i do have a lot of luggage (but nothing beats two certain human beings who had to lug 90 kg worth of stuff from heathrow) and it's all food! and no i have not put on weight yet *exasperated at suet wtf

and here are pictures of my weekend (so called break from work but i swear this is even more tiring than work), nottingham first:

oh and if i look really pale/tired/whatever in the pictures let me tell u why. i went to nottingham, brought clothes and everything and found out that i didn't bring my makeup bag T_____T so i had to borrow sarah's eyeliner and mascara =( this is as natural as it gets for me ok wtf.

(because all pictures are from facebook they will look much better if you click on them)

it was really nice catching up with the girls again! everyone was super nice and hospitable to me and btw chui san this is your house haha

zihao me and susan

me and zihao who was really nice because he showed me around and even accompanied me to get my bank account done T__________T

why did the duck cross the street? wtf.

and then it was back to london, and i met up with pui san and eunice for dinner with really really really little sleep sigh.

err.. tap! wtf.

eunice who has long hair (for her la) now! and i feel sad that she's leaving only after meeting me once =(

HAHAHAH WHY EUNICE'S ARMS LOOK SO PUDGY HERE HAHAHAHAHA dudley wtf. i havent watched harry potter yet T______________T i dont care if it costs me rm70 i'm watching harry potter and no one can stop me ok! (jojo will u teman me wtf)

sometimes i really don't know why am i so hiao

eunice and pui san with her favourite phrases written on the cup wtf. my love can you read it!

okay one last picture and i have to go because i don't know why i requested for an earlier shift, so instead of waking up at 830 i have to wake up at 730 WHY IS MY LIFE SO SAD T_____________________T goodnight everyone =)

yeah me again wtf.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

my most irrational purchase ever:

that's a real sponge by the way


my phone which i have absolutely no idea how to use properly yet. right now i'm still stuck with some star wars themed ringtone and electric sounding like message tone.

have so much to get off my chest.

went to my first pub or bar thing in london. some rich guy booked the whole 1st floor of the place. london's getting warmer which is really good. this weather is the best and dont say im finding it cold cuz i'm not used to it ok because summer is NOT supposed to be this cold, even the newspapers and tv said so!

ok more updates soon although there's not much except work. bah. going to nottingham this weekend to do my bank account, and have a looksee so i can know what to expect.

have a nice weekend everyone =)

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